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Harry Potter fans your search for Hogwarts lookalike has finally come to an end!

Living in a Castle with your throne has been a dream of many, only a few can fulfil it.

Famous for their infrastructure built in Manali, The Himalayan has been traveller favourite not just because of the hospitality the hotel provides but also for the Game of Thrones and Harry Potter Castles resemblance the Hotel has attached to it. The all gothic infrastructure has a lot to offer in not just the snowfall time but in Spring and Autumn as well!

In the conversation further, Mr Mohi tells us how The Himalayan is different and better than the rest of the Hotels!

Believing in the mantra of Less is More, Mr Mohi has designed the Hotel in a way that it stays less crowded respecting the guests' intimacy and privacy during their stay, keeping it understated yet elegant!

Resembling the Harry Potter theme further, the hotel has a garden maze for their guests to enjoy and have their Oh! So Instagram moment!

The connectivity of the Hotel to Old Manali is also a bonus for the tourist staying there. The distance is just 1.5 Kms, which can be covered by hiking to the destination and enjoying the vast mountains and beauty of manali.

- Sanitization and Temperature Checks of the Staff as well as Guests daily.

- Luggage fumigation

- Fumigation of all the touchpoints and room before and after checkouts.

- Staff wearing masks at all times.

- No covid cases at all from the Hotel Staff till now.

And now that the travel is picking up its pace, The Himalayan is proudly setting up the records of full bookings. The hotel has not just gained the goodwill of recurring guests, it is also one of the hotels who is providing all organic good healthy food to the guests, maintaining all Covid norms but are very high on using a measure that environment friendly which is we think every traveller should check what kind of ingredients for the food they consume.

Let's talk about where NOT to go!

  • Club House: If you are not big on arcade games or have come for a short trip then you can definitely skip the clubhouse in old manali. It is full of arcade games which I think is really cool but when you are visiting for a brief time then you can definitely skip on Club House.

  • Manikaran: Now, before you go all judgy and stuff, I have a reason! Manali in itself has a lot of places where you can visit and explore better. I love visiting Manikaran and I think the beauty and hike till there is something one should look forward to but not if you are just for a 4-5 day trip. Enjoy the main city first and then if you have time, you can definitely go ahead with the rest of them. ( See this is all I meant)

Coming on to lesser Explored and must-visits of Manali

  1. Jogni Falls: Well, talking about mountains and not mentioning Waterfalls will not be justice. So, visiting Manali and Jognic Falls is a must! Jogni Falls is just 11 mins away from New Manali. The waterfall was sacred to Goddess Jognic hence driving its name. The Waterfall is also considered a Shakti Peeth (Female Power)

  2. Vashishta Village: Village of the Guru of Ram and Laxman, this village holds a lot of mythologic stories and scenic views make it worth a visit. Vashista Village is 16 Kms drive from Manali. It is also known as Hot Water Village.

  3. Gulaba: This is also one of the snowfall sites to enjoy. With a great cup of tea and maggie, this is just the perfect spot for snow lovers. Gulaba is 13 mins away from Manali and the view is just breathtaking.

Outdoor Activities you can look forward to:











Best time to visit:

To experience-

Blossoms: March-April

Autumn: October to November

Snowfall- January to February

Contact The Himalayan:

As I always tell my readers and viewers, ALWAYS ALWAYS book directly with the Homestay/BNB/HOTEL/RESORT because no website or portal can give you the value or the Price that the host of the property can.

So here you go:

The Himalayan

Hadimba Road

Manali, Kullu Valley

Himachal Pradesh 175131 INDIA

Phone No: 088940-05999


Youtube: Pagan Soul


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