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Top 7 Places to visit in Prague!

Top Attractions of Prague: Prague is the capital and largest city of Czech Republic. The tourist base in Prague has increased drastically. The city is also called “ City of thousand spires”. Prague architecture base is very antique and pristine. It has structures thousands of years old, which makes it one of Europe’s architectural gems. All over the city, you would see Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau style of construction and architecture. It is one of the best preserved historic city of Europe. It is a great experience altogether. to get to learn the rich history of Europe through the monuments and city itself. Things to Remember before Visiting Prague:

  1. One Czech Koruna equals 3.30 Indian Rupee

  2. There are many mediums of Public Transport but for a city like Prague prefer walking, you won’t regret

  3. Weather is unpredictable in Prague, so better be prepared for anything.

  4. There is more to Prague than just historical centers. You should visit more districts around Prague to get a real view of everything.

  5. DO NOT forget to try Coffee in Prague. They have the best coffees you can ever find.

Top Attraction of Prague are:

1. Prague Castle

Build as a home to Bohemian King, the Prague Castle is now official residence to Czech Republic’s President. It is the City’s most visited tourist place. It was build around 970 AD, which makes it thousands of years old. The Castle includes a lot more tourist sites within, which includes: St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, the Powder Tower, the old Royal Palace and the Golden Lane. Prague Castle is the most ancient castle of the world. You need a day approximately to travel whole castle and the best views are from the Old Town and over Vltava River.

2. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is the link between the Old Town and New Town of Prague. It holds almost 30 ancient monuments which have different ancient history. The bridge holds a lot of superstition. Even in it’s construction precise timing and day was chosen to laid down the foundation of the bridge. One of the superstition of the bridge is on the statue Crucifix and Calvary that if you rub the base of the statue, your wishes are granted. The bridge is build on River Vltava giving a great view to the tourists. Charles bridge is the second best attraction of Prague among tourist and I find no reason not to be. It has a lot of strreet music players which only adds to the beauty of the place.

3. Old Town Square

Old Town is the best place to start exploring Prague. It has a lot of historical monuments that can literally stunned you out. You find Gothic Architecture all over the old Town Square and if you are a sucker for monumental architecture, you will definitely love the place. For starters, it has 15th Century old Astronomical Clock: every hour it comes to life as the 12 Apostles and other figures appear to parade around the clock face. Other than that Old Town Square has a lot of Churches like Tyn Church and Clementinum along with numerous others. The place is filled with fine Gothic architecture which includes modern as well as ancient art of architecture.

4. The Lennon Wall

The wall was build soon after the murder of former Beatles member in 1980’s. It became a place for people to express their grief through graffiti. No matter how much it was tried to take down but it keep reappearing so then it was named The Lennon Wall . The Wall holds a lot of sentimental value to people and bring hope and peace to them.

5. St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is a roman catholic church in Prague Castle. It is the largest and most important Church in Czech Republic. It was started in 1344 and took almost 525 years to complete due to which it has different styles of architecture including Gothic, modern Geo-Gothic also Baroque and Renaissance influences. It was home to a lot of Saints and also several Bohemian Kings.

6. The National Theater

Perfectly build on the banks of River Vltava, this is the national theater of Prague. This Theater is a must visit for everyone who love performing arts. This place holds country’s best Opera, Ballet and Drama Performances. The Theater was build in 1881 as an identity for Czech Republic promoting it’s Language and Culture. The Theater has seen many demolitions like fire and closing down by communists. It has been renovated over the years to stand where it does now fulfilling the Cultural significance of Czech Republic.

7. The Hilltop Fortress: Vyšehrad

Vyšehrad stands high on Vltava River overlooking Prague. It has been existing since 10th Century, it has always been a matter of Myth and legend. Also the stories of ancient princess is very famous related to this place. Now only the ruins remains of the place making it an amazing spot for hanging around and picnics.


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