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Living in Royalty at Madhya Pradesh's hidden spot Orchha!

While reading all those history books, has it occurred to you what it is like to live in a Palace?

Well, it did to me and I have always fancied the idea of living in a palace and the city of Orchha has not only very well preserved the Raja Maharaja Charm in the city and you can stay in a hotel by the Royal Family of Orchha i.e. HOTEL BUNDELKHAND RIVERSIDE.

Why Hotel Bundelkhand Riverside?

The hotel is built on the banks of River Betwa, giving you a perfect spot for your Instagram pictures or maybe just enjoy some good music sitting on the stones dipping your feet in the river sounds filmy but I got crazier and jumped in the river damn it was cold but it was amazing. (Jumping in the river is not advisable to anybody do it under the guidance or at your own risk.)

Coming on to the interior of the hotel. You can either live in the hotel room or the cottages. Hotel rooms are traditionally decorated with Bundeli art and infra whereas Cottages have modern interiors.

The food was very well prepped. I could not take many photos of the food sorry about that but my personal recommendation is to try chicken or mutton kababs or anything non-vegetarian. In vegetarian, I would recommend south India that was pretty tasty and yes dal makhani. I am very sorry but I forgot to take the pictures but you have my word on this one.

Also, as an added bonus, in the evenings you can enjoy your meals with some good live Bundeli music which just adds to the moments.

The hotel is a great place for an intimate party or a grand wedding, whatever suits you.

All in all, it was a great experience. Do visit Orchha and stay at Bundelkhand riverside and tell them you took my recommendation. You can book a room directly from their website or any of the booking websites or just call them up.

What you can do within HBR?

  • Spend time in River Betwa

  • Collect Shells at the banks of the River

  • Play different sports in the gardens of the hotel

  • Spend some splashing time in the Pool

  • Know more about the history of the Town and Hotel.

What do in ORCHHA?

You should definitely check my video about Orchha but I'll lay down the pointers for you:

  1. Ram Raja Mandir

  2. Chatarbhuj Mandir

  3. Jahangir Mehal

  4. Raja ka Mehal

  5. Sheesh Mehal

  6. The Royal Chattris (Cenotaphs)

  7. Rafting at Betwa River

  8. Light and Sound Show at Raja Mehal

  9. Visit Laxmi Bai fort in Jhansi - 30mins away from Orchha

For detailed experiences, checkout 👇

Best Time to visit:

Winters: December to February

Monsoon: June to July

Contact Hotel Bundelkhand Riverside:

As I always tell my readers and viewers, ALWAYS ALWAYS book directly with the Homestay/BNB/HOTEL/RESORT because no website or portal can give you the value or the Price that the host of the property can. So here you go:

Hotel Bundelkhand Riverside, Orchha,

Madhya Pradesh - 472246, India

Mobile: +91-9009749630,6265536604


Let them know you read this article! :)

P.s. This is no promotional or affiliate article. These blogs are just for creating awareness about the upbeat and amazing places people shout visit, hence the purpose of this website. :)

Lots of Love Readers :)


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