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The City of Mount Abu will sweep your heart away! Read to know what the city has to offer?

Apart from being the favourite weekend getaway for Gujaratis and Rajasthanis, Mount Abu history is all the more intriguing. The folklore has it that the very city of Mount Abu saw one of the biggest Yagnas by Rishi Vashishta to create four agnikuls- the fireborn Rajput Dynasties. Well, the bravery and Valour of Rajputs speak for themselves.

Mount Abu is covered with the summer places of Rajasthani Royals and has the Royal charm of its own has become the perfect escape for not just the Royals of Rajasthan, also the Working Urbanites. The place has acquired popularity because

1. Being the only hill station in the desert state Rajasthan,

2. Soothing and calm temperature during summers too

3. Filled with Temples, Lakes and tourist spots (discussed further in the blog)

4. Wildlife Experience to experience more than 250 species of Birds and a lot of wild animals

5. Nearest place for booze for Gujaratis

How to reach Mount Abu?

Well, being a Delhite, visiting specifically Mount Abu can be a long trip. The best option would be combining multiple places to visit while in the State of Rajputs. The nearest popular destinations that you can visit is Udaipur and who doesn't love Udaipur, right? Take a detour from Udaipur to Mount Abu and experience the refreshing, calming side of Rajasthan.

Distance: 746 Km South West of Delhi


Where to Relax and where to Enjoy?

How does a Villa and Restaurant in one place sounds? Good right? Gotcha! Apart from being a Villa, Hotel Mount Villa is also a restaurant hosting people from all over. Cuisine from authentic Rajasthani to Continental, everything is prepared fresh and as per your liking! Well, a villa with my favourite food! That's something we prefer!

You get:

- Parsi Infrastructure

- Well sanitized and Maintained Rooms

- Authentic Restaurant, providing fresh food according to you. No buffet system, you eat what your mood is.

(Details towards the end of the Article)

Not just this!

How does Games, Authentic Food and Beers sound to you? If you like this plan, you will Love this place. Situated just at the Nakki Lake are Joji Beer and Food, a Restaurant and Bar taking your mind and soul out of Stress and bringing that COVID FATIGUE to an end.

You get:

- Games

- Authentic Punjabi Delicacies

- The only bar at Nakki Lake

(I don't know about you but I like this Cultural mix and I'm starting to pack)

Places to Visit in Mount Abu:

1. Nakki Lake: situated literally at the heart of Mount Abu, Nakki Lake makes enhances not just the weather of the city also the overall experience of living at the only hill station in a dessert.

2. Guru Shikhar: The highest peak of the Aravalli Range, very beautiful and scenic views. You can also visit a small temple of Dattatreya (Shiva).

3. Trevor's Tank: If you are a Wildlife and Bird lover, then this place is 100% fit for you. You can spot a lot of animals like Panther, jungle cats and birds of more than 250 species and if your luck works, you can just see then sipping water from the tank during sunsets.

Sanctuary Timings: 9 Am-5 Pm

4. Dilwara Jain Temple: The temple is dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras. The architecture of the temple is beautifully built with carved pillars, arches and ceilings.

5. Adhar Devi Temple: The temple is said to be the spot where Guru Vashistha performed the Agnikul Yagna. The Temple has a natural spring galloping out of a sculpted Cow's head called Gaumukh.

Best Time to Visit:

Mount Abu is one city in Rajasthan that is beautiful all year round however, Monsoons are usually very beautiful in Mount Abu.

Contact Hotel Mount Villa:

As I always tell my readers and viewers, ALWAYS ALWAYS book directly with the Homestay/BNB/HOTEL/RESORT because no website or portal can give you the value or the Price that the host of the property can. So here you go:


Opp. Pandav Bhavan, Minister Cottage Road,

Subhash Marg, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 307501

Phone Number: +91 94134 51779 ,


Let them know you read this article! :)

P.s. This is no promotional or affiliate article. These blogs are just for creating awareness about the upbeat and amazing places people shout visit, hence the purpose of this website. :)

Lots of Love Readers :)

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I have been to Mount Abu during school and it's a wonderful place. I recall an incident when I got lost outside the temple and the yelling my father gave upon finding me.

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