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The Pangarh Lake Retreat will take care of your Mind, Body and Soul!

How often have you experienced the beauty of nature without technology hindering your peace with nature? While the state of Rajasthan is full of heroic stories and tales of Rajputs bravery, it has also the peace and calm of a monk. You can find this calm at the Pangarh Lake Retreat where they make sure that your wellness, health and mental peace is the utmost priority while you experience the Valour and Sacrifice of the Rajputs of Chittorgarh.


The Retreat is built at the side of Pangarh Lake taking you closer to the depths of Nature. Travellers wanting to spend some quality time with their loved ones and nature, this is a spot you would love to experience. Well, unlike your regular hotels and resorts, Pangarh Lake Retreats has camps to give you the perfect feel of nature with all the amenities and convenience of a Hotel.

What the Retreat has to offer?

  • Camping

  • Multi Cusine Restaurant

  • Pickup and Drop Facilities

  • Village Safari

  • Natural Tours

  • Room Desk Facilities

  • Laundry Service

  • Parking Area

Things to do while in Pangarh

  • Village Walks

  • Boating

  • Trekking

  • Fishing

  • Camping

  • Photography Expedition

  • Watch Opium Farming

  • Visit Pangath Fort

  • Night Safari for Leopard Sighting

  • Visit Udaipur

Why Pangarh Lake Retreat is special?

Located 2 hours drive away from Udaipur, the serene area of the property will take you by surprise. The weather of this area is nothing like the rest of the Rajasthan. It weather here is pleasant due to the greenery and plants making it a traveller favourite during the months of April, May and even June.

The other optimal time to visit Pangarh and the rest of Rajasthan is October to March. The Retreat of Pangarh Lake is more like a wellness centre for your mind and body and less like a Hotel. There are very low chances of getting bored here like your usual hotels.

Best for the Travellers who are looking for a quiet serene place and are high on Wellness and wants their mental health checked.

Contact Pangarh Fort Retreat:

As I always tell my readers and viewers, ALWAYS ALWAYS book directly with the Homestay/BNB/HOTEL/RESORT because no website or portal can give you the value or the Price that the host of the property can. So here you go:

Pangarh Lake Retreat

Village - Pangarh

Near - Bijaipur

Dist - Chittaurgarh


Mr Mayur Hada: +91 8000511914


Let them know you read this article! :)

P.s. This is no promotional or affiliate article. These blogs are just for creating awareness about the upbeat and amazing places people shout visit, hence the purpose of this website. :)

Lots of Love Readers :)


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