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5 Things you should know before you Travel to Tibet!

Making a trip to Tibet in the winter months is a standout amongst other occasions to set out toward the level. While numerous individuals trust that you can’t make a trip to Tibet in the winter because of it being canvassed in snow and much excessively cool, this isn’t in really obvious. Winter in Tibet resembles winter in any mild zone atmosphere and is very more awful than the winters in northern Scotland or the northern conditions of the U.S.

While it gets chilly in the winter months, and there are zones that get a great deal of snow, there are likewise puts in Tibet that get next to zero snow by any stretch of the imagination, and where the normal winter temperature is in reality still above solidifying. Hardly any spots in Tibet have temperatures above solidifying during the evening, however since you are not going to meander around the attractions during the evening, this is infrequently quite a bit of an issue.


Cost of the Tibet winter tour is one of the significant advantages for traveling to Tibet in winter. Summer is the most costly season in Tibet, as it is the high season for Tibetan the travel industry. Spring and fall are the shoulder seasons yet are as yet costly with regards to the expense of the visits and inn costs. All the more so when discussing flights, as the spring and fall can be high seasons somewhere else in China and Nepal.

Winter, be that as it may, is less expensive. A few visits are even up to 30 percent less expensive in the winter instead of the mid-year. Furthermore, this is only one of the approaches to set aside extra cash. Inns in Lhasa and Shigatse have not very many guests in the winter months, and all things considered, will in general offer more rebates to explorers to inspire them to remain in their inn. Rooms can be much less expensive, as full-board bundle costs, and there are even a lot of inns that forgo the single room supplement amid the winter months, so you can have somewhat more security.

Winter is additionally the low season for the travel industry in China, and this likewise implies flights to China from your nation of origin can be significantly more affordable. With more affordable flights, you have more cash to spend on alternate things you need on your excursion. There are additionally a few rebates on flights to Lhasa from a few air terminals in terrain China and in addition less interest on a train ticket and less demanding to get the train tickets amid the winter months. With the trains, the cost is significant to the interest, so summer costs are expanded. Winter cost is what they ought to ordinarily be, without the expansion in expense because of interest.


Something that can put a few people off making a trip to a specific goal in the pinnacle a very long time of the Christmas season is the groups. As a great many individuals run to the level in the mid-year months, from June to September, the religious communities and sanctuaries get packed, and it very well may be difficult to appropriately unwind in the hordes of individuals.

Since numerous individuals feel that winter is excessively cool, making it impossible to visit in Tibet, they abstain from making a trip to Tibet in the low season, which gives you a vastly improved involvement in the best attractions of the Tibetan level. Locales in Lhasa, for example, the Jokhang Temple, one of the most established sanctuaries in Tibet and the most consecrated sanctuary in Tibetan Buddhism, and the great Potala Palace, the previous seat of Tibetan Buddhist administration and the winter royal residence of the Dalai Lama, are less swarmed and less demanding to stroll around.

Winter Festivals in Tibet

Amid the Tibet winter visit, it is additionally the ideal opportunity for probably the most imperative celebrations of the Buddhist logbook. Losar, the Tibetan New Year, falls on the principal day of the main month in the Tibetan lunisolar timetable, for the most part around mid-February. The most essential and biggest celebration in Tibet, it is commended from around about fourteen days before the New Year and keeps running on for around fifteen days after.

Monlam Prayer Festival, which falls on the 4th to the 11th days of the principal month of the Tibetan New Year, and is a custom in Tibet to make contributions and ask. Established in 1409 by the Buddhist ace, Tsongkhapa, to pay tribute to the supernatural occurrence performed at Sravasti by Buddha, it is a standout amongst the most vital parts of the entire Losar festivities. It was first held at the Jokhang Temple, and a huge number of Buddhist priests would originate from everywhere throughout the level to visit. Still held at the Jokhang, and in addition the Sera, Drepung, and Ganden religious communities in Lhasa, the Monlam Festival is as imperative now as it was 600 years back.

The most recent day of the New Year merriments, for the most part on the fifteenth day of the main month, is the perfection of the festivals, and the season of the Tibetan Butter Lamp Festival. As murkiness falls on the last day, stands are set to show the shocking masterful points of interest of the horde of various spread lights that have been made by hand to praise the finish of the New Year Celebrations. Complicatedly cut and to a great degree brilliant, the Butter Lamps are one of the real features of the Losar time frame.


While the winter in Tibet is cool, particularly in a portion of the more remote regions in the west of the area, Lhasa has a generally charming atmosphere in the winter months, and it doesn’t snow regularly in the Tibetan capital. Daytimes can consider temperatures to be high as 10-15 degrees, while the temperature around evening time can get down to as low as less five degrees in the profundities of winter. Be that as it may, a warm fire and an expansive scotch before long put the cool outside out of your contemplations.

The climate can be somewhat harsher on the off chance that you are making a trip to Tibet, particularly to Everest Base Camp (EBC). In any case, with a decent ice resting sack and the correct garments and arrangements, you will scarcely even notice the chilly. Simply try to recollect your cap and shades, as the sun can be brilliant amidst the winter. Winter is additionally the best time to get the chance to see Mount Everest canvassed in and encompassed by snow, and the frigid view is now and then more lovely than the late spring scene.

Authentic Tibetan Experiences

Making a trip to another place is to encounter its way of life, individuals and nature, yet because of the fast advancement and over-commercialization, it is difficult to get the credible encounters of the goal, so as Tibet, amid the mid-year, you will discover visitors all over the place and you can just dispose of the sham by altering your visits to rustic Tibet.

On the off chance that you travel Tibet amid the winter months, it is entirely unexpected from whenever of the year and there is more opportunity to have true encounters, for some, Tibetans, winter is the most loosening up time to travel and make their journeys, since wanderers are moved to their winter camp and agriculturists completed their cultivating season, so you will encounter Tibet with live social development and Tibetan explorers from all sides of Tibet. Subsequently, the Tibet winter visits emerge among other regular visits.

Making a trip to Tibet in winter is the best choice for spending voyagers and additionally for the gutsy explorers. The venturing out is only to get genuine encounters from the spots you travel. So the winter is the best time to head out to Tibet.

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